Winter 2021-2022 Group Training signups

Important Information, please read

More Information Coming Soon!


Only Athletes, not parents, are allowed in the facility during group training hours. too many bodies makes it tough to navigate and use our space, and we want our athletes fully immersed into our fun but hardworking culture at ppl. We are working on a livestream option.

Group times are based on the training period (Spring, summer, Fall and winter) 

start dates for a new training period are advertised, and entry into a group after that date may be tough depending on how full we get

You must sign up for each new training period. we don't roll athletes over to the next training period automatically, even if you are participating in the current training period. training times can change from period to period

Every Athlete who is 13 or older must go through screening before participating

Please check your email consistently after signing up for a training group, and check your spam/junk folder if you feel as though you are not getting emails you should be receiving. We are going to switch over to text message reminders soon.

Athletes in our 13 and older training groups will be receiving a general nutrition plan, a personalized arm care program, and a throwing plan to complete at home in addition to their training.