Training Options and Pricing


Every PPL athlete is required to start with an screening

PPL Screening

One Time $299 Fee

We like to know why an athlete is moving the way they do instead of guessing. The information gathered in the screening determines each athletes individual drill and movement work. Athletes will be re-screened constantly while training with us, and they will be at zero cost after paying the one time screening fee.

Pitching + Strength Training Groups

Pitching + Strength Training group sessions have the most availability as this is 99% of our model. Sessions will be 2 hours in length, with time being split between pitching and strength training

PPL's recommended Training Option

training Options

Pitching Only Groups

Limited Availability (4 Hours each week), but could be a good option for athletes who have busy schedules or are trying to find a way to train with us during their season.


One-Day Passes

Throwing + Strength Training

(2 Hour Session)




(1 Hour Session)