Screening Information

We have a lot of families tell us that they want their son to have "high level" or "good" mechanics. We understand that, and we want the same thing for them. screening each athlete is an important portion of being able to determine what "good mechanics" are for each individual because everyone is built and moves different. If your son is being taught the same exact way as the next kid, you are being taught a "style" of pitching instead of fundamentals that work with the way your athlete moves.


Even elite pitchers throw different from one another

Why do they move different and throw from different arm slots?


Tight hips, lacking spine mobility or dissociation, poor ankle mobility, etc.

Genetic advantages or disadvantages

Long limbs vs short limbs, twitchy vs strong, hip/shoulder anatomy

What does our screening include and why is it so important?

Performance screening and Functional Movement Screening

4d Motion Assessment


Power Screening

Motus Sleeve Fitting and baseline arm stress readings


Trackman/Rapsodo Report

Video Analysis

Everything we gather from our screening lets us know if you have a sequencing/mechanical, mobility, stability, power or skill issue. Knowing how an athlete is capable of moving is the first step in being able to figure out what can change and what actually should change.

Parents & Athletes will receive the following items from the screening:

1) Report of our findings from the physical screening

2) Rapsodo/Trackman Report with breakdown of pitches

3) Numbers from the power screening

4) Video Breakdown

5) ProPlayAI Biomechanical Video Feedback

You will be able to create a Trackman and Rapsodo account for your athlete after their screening. They help keep track of their velocity and movement on their pitches during each bullpen.

One Time Screening Cost


This screening is time consuming, and was a big investment we made to help your athletes. It is going to be very important for your athlete's future training with us, so That is why we are making it mandatory. This is a one time Fee and Athletes will be re-screened at no cost in the future.

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