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About Us

Pitching Performance Lab is an indoor baseball facility that specializes in training pitchers. PPL was created with the goal of providing the highest quality information, coaching and resources to each baseball athlete who comes through the doors. We have worked with pitchers ranging from Little League age all the way up to MLB Pitchers. Our process can be applied or adapted to pitchers of all ages. 

Our Process









We always start with a movement screening, power assessment, delivery breakdown and pitch arsenal breakdown. We want to know why each pitcher moves the way that they do. , and we will attack things that need to change to positively influence health and performance. 

We use all of the information gathered from the screening to help determine what areas will positively influence each athlete the quickest. The mobility, pre-throwing dynamic exercises and drill routines will all be tailored to fit their needs. 

One of our coaches will help each athlete work through their prescribed exercises, and try to elicit positive movement changes and/or performance. Whether the athlete is working on loading their lower half, fixing timing issues or developing a new pitch, our coaches have proven time after time that they can help the athletes who want to be helped. Creativity is encouraged with our coaches and pitchers.

After a designated period of time, we will re-assess some of the problematic areas we attacked in our player plan to see if our interventions are working, or if we need to change our gameplan. Rinse. Repeat.