About Us


Pitching Performance Lab is an indoor training facility located in Lexington, Kentucky. PPL partners with Watts Performance Systems to help blend the skill and strength side of being a high level baseball player together. We don't like to guess when it comes to changing deliveries, so we run all athletes through screenings before we try to change anything. We also don't like to cookie cutter the training process and have every single athlete work on the same things.


99% of our training is done in groups, and our weekly training schedule will reflect that. Private lessons often times don't allow for proper warm-up, and the time constraints combined with financial investment leads to a lot of over-coaching.


We use technology and training tools to help our athletes create a feel for the adjustments they need to make. We don't try to overcomplicate the process by oversharing the data or doing overly complicating drills. Below is a very simplified list of our process when training an athlete.


Every athlete starts with a Mandatory Movement screening and throwing evaluation


Make a plan to Attack the Skill, movement and/or  strength issue

test & Re-test

We retest the issue after a specified amount of timed either move on to another issue or change our plan


Find the biggest missing pieces for each athlete


Walk each athlete through the exercises in their program