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Winter break college Training Groups

Starts November 30th

ends January 1st

No training on Christmas Eve Or Christmas


Movement screening and throwing evaluation


Make a plan to Attack the movement and/or strength 


Walk each athlete through the exercises in their program

Each college athlete will be put through a movement and throwing screening on their first day. We will use Trackman to get baseline measurements on velocity, spin, break and other ball flight metrics of all pitches. We will use 4D Motion to measure pelvic and torso rotational timing and speed, and take high speed video to help give a delivery breakdown. We will then write programming to help with any issues we see regarding mobility or within the delivery, and athletes will complete exercises to help aid in making positive changes. We will create a bullpen schedule on the first day as well, that way every athlete knows when their 1-2 bullpen days are each week and can be fully prepared. Every session will be 2 hours in length. ~1 hour on the throwing side and ~1 hour on the lifting side where you can complete any plan your school has given you, or we can create a lifting plan for you.


Training options, times & Pricing


3 Training Sessions Per Week

Throwing and Strength Training on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.



2 Training Sessions Per Week

Throwing and Strength Training on Tuesdays and Thursdays.


We are opening up one time slot at a time. We will open up more as these fill up

First time Slot Available:


How To Sign Up

1. Determine how many days you'd like to train with us (2 or 3)

2. click the Link Below to send us an email 

949 National Avenue Suite 118

Lexington, KY 40502












(859) 321-8459